Monday, September 8, 2008

I hate teeth!

Ok, well I don't hate ALL teeth -- they are really pretty handy, ya know, for eating, but I do hate MY teeth. Stupid crooked weak ugly teeth. Went to see Dr. Cash the orthodontist again today. This time after waiting only 10 minutes (as opposed to the normal 15-20) I was ushered back to a little side room by a long-haired hygienist. I was thinking, "Hey this might be okay, she's good enough to get her very own room!!"

Yeah. I was mistaken. They put her in that little room because they got tired of hearing about her boyfriend... and how he stopped being her boyfriend so he could date a newer younger model of herself who had more freedom and would drop everything to go out of town on a Thursday, which obviously she can't do and it would've been nice if he had told her that he wasn't her boyfriend anymore because she was still under the impression that they were dating and she ran into them at the Nature Center.... and yeah, so they build her a tiny odd shaped prison to save themselves from the insanity that would surely follow listening to that every day. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am.

My thinking that she was the best so she got a special room was also ripped to shreds when she started in on me. Oh.My.God. I mean come on! If you don't know what you're doing, don't just have at it anyway!! I don't know how long into the appt - 5 minutes probably (although it felt like 20) she stops and says, "Ohhhhh you have THOSE kind of braces, no wonder this wasn't working." Yeah. Mhmm. Right. So she figures out what she needs to do but still doesn't have any finesse getting the job done. So she pulls and prods and finally gets a new wire in. Dr. Cash comes in and together they decide that they are going to try to close a gap that was created by pulling one of my teeth a year ago. They put this chain looking thing on top of my braces. Let's just say I hope that's temporary.

Then they start in on my gums. Yes, I know they are not healthy. Yes, I know I need to me more aggressive taking care of them. Yes I'm seeing my dentist like I should. Yes, it's one of those things that started when I was pregnant for umpteen years consecutively. No I do no need you to talk to me like I'm a 3 year old and don't know how to brush my teeth. How many moms do you know that have put themselves on the top of their "to do" list. I do the best I can.

Normally the headaches and pain from an adjustment kick in a couple hours after the appt and trail off a couple hours after that. I was hurting before I left the office. I really hope the Advil feels like kicking in soon, I took it an hour ago... I don't think it will.

I have a year left. This better be worth it.