Friday, February 13, 2009

Screw you, Friday the 13th.

So today was one of those days that I had stuff to do. Nothing really HARD, but hard enough that I timed it after naps, between meals so I could get it done kwim? Well I decided to be brave and take all 3 kids to a restaurant for lunch by myself. Oh heck yeah! It was AWESOME! They were wonderful! The whole time I was sitting there thinking "I am SO gonna post about this when I get home. I am a kick-ass mom!" Right. So I'm pulling out of the parking lot, making a left in front of a car that has stopped and left room for me (it was near an intersection, traffic was stopped at the light, he left room for me to pull out). So I wave and ease out, nobody coming, nobody coming, here I go... CRASH! Lady in the f*cking center lane aiming for the turn lane hits me, contact at the driverside tire. f*ck. So I get the van out of traffic, no problems moving the vehicles and we call and wait for the police to come make a report. An HOUR later we're free to go. Her bumper is wasted, it will totally need replaced (piece of sh*t Nissan Altima I think). My hubcap has like 4 scratches on it, and I need an alignment. (Do I need new carseats?!?!?!?!?!) And I get a ticket b/c technically where the accident was the center lane had turned into the turn lane (by 50 feet). She obviously had driven down the center lane to get there, but since no other witness stopped to say that, the officer had to go by the actual point of collision and I got a failure to yield. Just what I need. A ticket. So anyway, I have a lot left to do so I lock up all my emotion about the incident up in a drawer, shut it tight and go on my way.

I am buying a new couch and chair. I spoke to a lady a few weeks ago and she told me what deal she would cut me and I was good with it, so I get there and she has "stepped out". I wait for 25 minutes. Remember that I have THREE children with me. Three children that have just waited in their carseats for an hour. Yeah. So I find someone else and I'm like, "help me," and I get this line about how he can't steal the commission from another employee and yadda yadda yadda I don't freaking care SHE IS NOT HERE! SELL ME A COUCH DAMMIT! So after promising him that I "forgot" her name, he sells me a couch. He makes about the same deal, but about $100 more. At this point I don't care, I want to get out of there before Nate breaks the deer antler floor lamp and I have to buy that too. The saleslady I was waiting for came strolling in the door 45 minutes after I got there. "Just stepped out" my ass. WTFever. But that'll be delivered Monday. WOO!

Then I head to BestBuy to get the washer and dryer I looked at last night. Great sale, great product, after sleeping on it, I'm sold. BestBuy was a MADHOUSE. Holy sh*t I'm glad I hooked BOTH kids to their backpack leashes and hooked that to Evie's stroller. You wouldn't believe how hard I had to hold onto that stroller, I thought they were going to rip it in two. So I talk to the salesguy (a guy I knew from highschool -go figure. Let's just say, I wish my looks had improved as much as his did.) and I'm ready to buy and he checks avalibility and the dryer is out of stock with no order date So he's checking and they don't really do rainchecks but he's trying to make a deal for the next model up dryer. Well even at his best, it's still $150 more than the one I wanted and the set doesn't match. No, thanks. Then his co-worker comes and says she's been calling the warehouse this whole time and has an answer. It's being phased out, discontinued, there will be no more! He tells me he can sell me the floor model for another 5% off... fine. whatever. Swipe my card. I want to leave. It'll be here Wednesday.

Spent $2100 today and didn't get to enjoy one minute of it.

Oh and I call to book our vacation, they closed 25 minutes before I called and won't be in the office again til Tuesday.

Remember that drawer of emotion I locked up after the accident? Yeah I get home and start shaking and panic-y. Frick. I am not going ANYWHERE March 13th. Oh and I just need a hug. Like an actual person to come hold me. Someone bigger than me. Nate tried, but it just didn't work the way a grownup hug works. This sucks.

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