Monday, October 6, 2008

Shoes, shoes and more shoes

OK shoes have always been my weakness... when Jer and I moved to VA for the Navy the first time I had 63 pairs and I claimed to "wear them all!" Seriously my weakness. So after a few pgs and more than a few pounds my feet are 2 sizes up from highschool and I've been avoiding shoes the best I can because, well, slippery slope. A window display caught my eye at the mall yesterday and it literally froze me in my tracks. I was like "Oooh Victoria, looooooooooook." So we stood there admiring the shoes for a minute or two before prying ourselves away so we could move on to the task at hand. After completeling what we were in the mall to do we had to pass the beautiful window display again and Victoria pipes up "Mommy let's go in!" So of course I have to and before I know it, I'm trying on shoes. Gorgeous, beautiful, fantastic holiday heels. I'm in love. Victoria is on the floor oohing and ahhing with me. It's like walking on clouds. I forgot how good a nice pair of shoes felt on your feet. But I decline, muttering something about payday and needing to ask Jeremy before I spent that kind of money and the sales lady perks up and begins to tell me about this sale. This wonderful buy one pair get the next pair for $10. Any pair. Holy crap. Victoria and I beeline to the car where Jer is waiting (sleeping) with the other two (also sleeping) and I wake him and beg him for shoes. I can get anything when the man is drowsy so after he agrees without much fight Victoria and I rush back in to get my shoes! OMG they are even more perfect the 2nd time I try them on! The sales woman then says "so go pick out your second pair and these will be at the register for you." omg I get a 2nd pair! I completely forgot! So I head to the wall and start looking at shoes when I start to hear muffled laughter around me. I look around to see what's funny and see Victoria a few feet over from me. She is picking up a shoe, examing the top, the front, the side, flips it over for a quick second, ruffles her nose up and puts the shoes down. Then she does it with the next shoe and the next one. The sales lady comes to ask me if I've found one I want to try on yet and VICTORIA says, "I like this one. I'm a 11 please" and she hands the lady a rather cute purple peektoe stiletto (sizing was accurate by the way). The crowd roared. The woman stood there for a moment, holding her composure best she can and she says to Victoria, "I'm sorry miss, we don't carry those that small." and Victoria, in as grown up a manner as I've ever seen from her replies "Oh that's ok, I'll keep looking." and resumes her browsing.

omg I've created a monster!

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gypsygg said...

very funny! where do these kids come up with stuff? thanks for sharing and keep it up! I wonder if there might be a book in your future accomplishments?? --Cousin Gaye Lynn