Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Grief Preschool is hard!

Today was Victoria's first day sans mama. I was actually really excited for her, but judging from our morning lemme just tell you that we are going to be late, possibly a lot. This child does not want to eat in the morning! Anyway... so we are the first ones in her class there so we go in and drop her bag and get her lamb name tag on the board (we call it checking in with the Shepard everyday) and a quick kiss and off I went. I had to go to Walgreen's after drop-off so I'm driving and driving and totally immersed in keeping myself composed and not crying and all of a sudden I realize that I'm 2 blocks past Walgreen's. Yeah. So I make my U-turn and eventually make it home. Nathan and I had a great time hanging out together, until he got bored and wanted to play outside with Tor... He missed her. The last 30 minutes before pickup seemed like an eternity!! But we made it through with a snack and some Tom and Jerry and set out to get our sissy!

Carline leaves some to be desired, but I'm sure the kinks will get worked out sooner than later. Victoria came to the car all smiles and joyful, and silent. All I've been able to pull from her is that she had breakfast for snack - they had cereal and they went outside to play and Ms. Mary has TWO slides, and she did good! We get home and continued our Tom and Jerry fest and I start to go through her mailbag - lots of info for mama. Lots of volunteer positions too.... Then the most difficult part happened. Dory. "Hey mom look what I have!" As she pulls out (the most annoying) Dory toy from her bag her face lights up and she excitedly shows Nathan her new toy. It hits me like a brick wall. Why does she have this toy. She who thinks the entire world belongs to her. I ask her about the circumstances for getting the toy and all I get is "Ms Mary told me to wait. I wanted it." So I put in a call to Ms. Mary. I fret. I worry and get anxious and try to decide how I'm going to explain to my 3 year old that stealing is not acceptable and we have to take her new toy back to Ms. Mary and apologize... and... and... and... and the phone rings. It's Ms. Mary. I ask her about the toy and she says to me, "oh yes! Victoria got that out of the treasure bin today for being polite! I'm so glad you called because things happen sometimes but don't worry, she was wonderful today." What a sigh of relief!! My good girl!! This parenting thing is hard when you aren't around them all day long!!!

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