Thursday, August 21, 2008

Victoria's First day at Preschool

Well, the day has finally come for my oldest to head off to school. Two days a week from 8:15-11:15a she will be learning with Ms. Mary. Today was interesting to say the least. It was parent orientation day or something. What was suppose to end at 10 didn't end until 11:20, and aside from having some sitter issues at home it wasn't too stressful. You see we got this letter YESTERDAY telling us that it was parent day instead of just a regular attendance day for the kids. Yeah, Parent day. So I had to scramble to find a sitter for Nate and Evie because let's face it, they weren't gonna handle being at preschool very well. Ordinarily that'd be alright, but you see Jeremy had overtime this morning (and tomorrow, and Saturday and Monday) and quite frankly, we need it. So my grandmother takes off work to be with the rugrats and off Tor and I go. There's a certain amount of chaos that is expected for a first day, but omg. You know I will never seek the job of preschool teacher. Ever. Things were moving pretty slowly and Victoria was getting bored, but the overall impression was good. She loves her teacher and her friends. I love that she's in a brand new Catholic school and that in a 3 hour time frame they pray no less than 4 times. Here's looking forward to drop-off on Tuesday!!

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